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District One Medical Examiner's Office

The District Once Medical Examiner’s Office consists of a Chief Medical Examiner, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Associate Medical Examiner, investigators, forensic technicians, and administrative support staff.

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Morgue & Pathology

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Medical Examiners

A Medical Examiner is a physician with a medical degree and specialized training with board certification in pathology, as well as specialized training in forensic pathology (the sub specialty of pathology and medicine dealing with sudden and/or unnatural deaths).

With many years of experience, our medical examiners work hard to ensure that loved ones receive the best service possible.  

Chief Medical Examiner & DOMES CEO

Deanna A. Oleske, M.D.

Associate Medical Examiner

Lorraine Lopez, M.D.

Associate Medical Examiner

Michael Pagacz, M.D.

Executive Assistant to the Medical Examiners

Evelyn Hamilton

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Our administration team is tasked with the daily organizational duties of maintaining the office setting.  Our front end administration team ensures our ability and willingness to assist all incoming and outgoing requests, while maintaining the diligence of our records and files. 

Our dedicated and elite staff manages a variety of necessary office functions such as typing death certificates, transcribing medical examiner autopsy reports, releasing public records, processing cremation approvals, coordinating the activities of the medical examiners, ordering supplies and ensuring both the medical examiner and county policies and procedures are followed.  The team is chiefly responsible for the development and implementation of agency policies and procedures, as well as the management of fiscal activities.

Meet the Team



Our Chief of Operations (COO) along with our Operations Team are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the District One Medical Examiners Office.  This department is responsible for reporting directly to the Chief Medical Examiner (CMO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is considered to be second in the chain of command.

Meet the Team

Director of Operations

Dan Schebler, COO

Operations Coordinator

Shy Carson

Forensic Photographer and Imaging Manager

Kelly Root

Family Advocate

Jennifer Jones

Medical Information
Crime Scene Investigator


 The Investigations Team is responsible for conducting death scene investigations for unnatural and unexplained deaths.  They are responsible for taking calls regarding jurisdiction in hospital-reported deaths.  Members of this department serve the community and are a part of the process to determine cause and manner of death.  In addition to death investigation, the Investigators process bodies, and communicate with law enforcement, medical professionals, and families.  The Investigators are required to complete a certification process with the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI).

Meet the Team

Investigations Supervisor

Chrissy Nieten


Morgue & Pathology

The Morgue & Pathology Team is responsible for assisting the Forensic Team in postmortem examinations, forensic processing, evidence collection, postmortem radiology, and facilitating communication between law enforcement, funeral directors, and families.  The postmortem examination is of vital importance in the pathological determination of cause and manner of death.  Careful examination of the decedent is performed, and samples for toxicological and microscopic analysis are obtained.

Meet the Team

Morgue Supervisor

Nick Washburn

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